Design System

Getting Started

This document will get you started with Paste, what's in it, and what's coming soon.

Early Access! Early Access! Early Access!

These guidelines are a living document, and not final. Reach out with comments & concerns at #help-design-system


Welcome! Paste is currently in early access. The intention of this release is to:

  • Give clarity to the UX Org for what our vision for a Unified Design System is, through a working example.
  • Validate our ability to execute together as a larger systems team.
  • Get folks excited!

However, this release is not:

  • Complete. This is a steel thread that requires active participation from the Systems team to make things work.
  • Fully documented. Expect to see pages or sections that just say “Coming Soon” or “TBD”.
  • Locked in on opinions. We always reserve the right to wake up smarter and rely on your feedback to do so.

What is Paste?#

Paste is a design system for Twilio. It will provide Components, Design Libraries, Assets, Tools, and Documentation for UX Engineers & Product Designers at Twilio to compose thoughtful User Interfaces in an effective way.

Paste is currently in its early stages. It will include:

  1. A comprehensive Doc Site which shows off components and documentation for Paste.
  2. A comprehensive set of Tokens and Themes to express components.
  3. Architecture and build tools to publish components, and assets.
  4. Version controlled design libraries for Sketch.
  5. Community & education initiatives to help UX Engineers & Designers learn more about Design System, and from each other.

Tokens & Themes

Early Access! Early Access! Early Access!

This section will be updated with specific guidance for Flex.

  • Check out our list of Tokens. They currently show values for SendGrid and Console.
  • We will also have documentation on how to use Tokens to build components in a future release.

Design Libraries#

Coming Soon#

  • Information about our Technology choices
  • Quickstart section for UX Engineers
  • Link to product roadmap
  • Links for feature requests

Give us Feedback on this Page#

As you use Paste, you'll likely encounter things that don't seem right. Please reach out with your feedback! Here's some prompts to consider:

  • Is this page easy for me to consume?
  • Is the information supporting it sufficient / well-described?
  • What information is missing?
  • How approachable is the documentation? Can a new engineer / PM / designer at Twilio get started with it easily?